Our Experience

Through our knowledge and experience in portfolio recovery, we support our clients in the following areas:

  • Personal loans
  • Consumer Credit
  • Mortgage
  • Credit cards
  • Payroll credit
  • Automotive, Motorcycles, Trucks
  • Telecommunications, (mobile telephony, fixed telephony, cable, internet)
  • Service, industrial, commercial, manufacturing, international companies, etc.


    The work teams are made to measure and according to the needs of each portfolio, that is, our staff is exclusive for each of our clients.
    We have the ability to implement technology (systems), infrastructure and human capital in an agile way to support the growth of any portfolio.
    We have a department and the necessary facilities to carry out recruitment, selection, induction and training of personnel.


    The pillars of our collection management are direct negotiation, knowing the situation of the clients, their location by means of a permanent updating of the databases, and a portfolio recovery work based on the definition of the profiles of the debtors, adjusting our management to suit each debtor client.

    According to our management of the delinquency ranges of each debtor, we organize the strategic collection campaigns.


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