• Is an art that we know and use so that our clients achieve their goals.
  • We achieve our achievements by acting with
    Know our values
  • We listen to our
    Being the most important to us

Hand in hand with Technological tools experience, knowledge in this field and our human resources we support the business and banking sector in Guatemala

Combination of Experience, Knowledge and professionalism

Ideals y Values

Our experience, professionalism and knowledge of the business are a guarantee of Integrity, Honesty and Trust.

Field Knowledge

We have professional executives in the field, dedicated exclusively to locating lost or escaped clients and conducting socioeconomics studies.

Proper Account Management

We take care of the client´s image and ours. Our goal is to recover the client using professional techniques and that leads us to debt recovery.

Who is Serintegro?


We have the technology and innovate strategies that the experience of our team has acquired and that allow us to ensure the results of collection management.

We recover your past due portfolio ensuring to maintain your requirements and expectations:

  • Alerts and preventive collection
  • Collection of past due loans from 0 to more than 290 days past due
  • Pre-legal collection
  • Legal collection
  • Demands