Technology & Infrastructure.

Using platforms in order to obtain better performance form the equipment, these platforms offer greater security for the different services that the company has.

Our servers have a set of rules to validate connections from other computers to servers, this serves as connection locks to unauthorized access. Set of protection software, antivirus, such as server software, administrative level software for Windows operating systems.

Derived from the importance of keeping information under total and absolute confidentiality today, we have created quality processes and policies aimed at information security. The databases assigned by our clients are processed through security policies and generate backups in an automated way, which are sent to backup servers.

All the information generated by our operation (calls, results of visits, letter tests, messages, etc.) is protected by the constant generation of backups. All the information managed via electronic files is managed through our internal network and stored on data servers. Only those with a unique and personalized password will have access.

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Our e-Xade operating system has been specially designed to support the efficient management of high volumes of operations, allowing us to offer your company systematic control over the key activities of the portfolio behavior analysis process.


Guarantee and security in the handling of information, creating backups constantly.
Storage of information history, for the time that our clients request it.
Automation of processes and personalization of information for each of our clients.
Locate the best segments with the greatest potential for recovery.
Identify the areas of opportunity to improve our internal services and processes.


IVR (digital receptionist)
Telemarketing campaigns
Call Recording
Call parking
Call pickup
Attention queues
Call time limitation
Extensions Redirection
Waiting calls
Advanced Generation of Reports (Graphs)


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