Collection Services

The pillars of our collection management are direct negotiation, knowing the situation of the debtors, their location by means of a permanent updating of the databases, and a portfolio recovery work based on the definition of the profiles of the debtors, adjusting our management to suit each debtor client.

According to customer profiles, we organize the strategic collection campaigns.

How do we achieve our goals?

Quality and Monitoring

» 100% call recording
» Online call monitoring system
» Online reports

Home Management

At SERINTEGRO we are convinced that at present the VISIT IN FIELD activity is extremely important, which is why we have developed a highly effective management system, in which our staff is very clear about its objective, which is to convert each visit into payment.


It is printed letter addressed to the debtor´s domicile which contains a personalized message and strategically created according to the characteristics of each client portfolio.